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Vantas 3000 Scanner Driver Download Windows 10 Install Update

Microtek ADF drivers updated daily. Microtek scanner user s guide artix scan 39 pages. If you need to download the firmware for the ScanMaker i, go to the appropriate websites below:.

Sitemap Scanner for Small Office. The ADF allows automatic scanning of up to 50 sheets of original scan material from A6 size 4. Sheets to be scanned are fed from the feeder s top tray, guided and scanned as they pass the scanner s image sensor, and then exit into the feeder s bottom tray. The ADF installs easily by mounting onto the top of the ScanMaker i in place of the scanner lid, which is removed to make way for the document feeder.

Before you proceed with installation of ADF- , make sure your scanner is turned off. Remove the scanner lid. All other products or name brands are trademarks of their respective holders. Important Documents you scan may be protected under copyright law. The unauthorized use of such documents could be a violation of the rights of the copyright holder. Microtek bears no responsibility for the unauthorized use of copyrighted materials.

Copyright IA, July Installing and Getting Started Introduction lid until it stands vertically, then pull upward to remove. If your firmware version is below 0. When the firmware update is complete, restart your computer and continue the installation of the ADF For more details on downloading, refer to the Addendum at the end of this user guide.

Carefully align and insert the feeder studs into the hinge slots originally used by the scanner cover. Remove the protective film from the transparent cover of the scan sensor area, then lower the ADF Plug the feeder s connector into the pin Accessory port at the back panel of the scanner. Secure the connector by tightening the retaining screws. Turn on your scanner, and wait for the light on the scanner s front panel to stop blinking and stay on steady.

Open the top Tray Flap and load the stack of originals on the Document Feed Tray, with the side to be scanned facing up. Push the stack of papers into the tray, until the paper s edges touch the feeder rollers. Pull out the top Tray Extender for better paper support if the length of the originals exceeds 10 inches. Align the material with the center of the top tray by sliding in the two Guide Arms toward the stacked sheets if the width of the originals is less than 8.

The document feeder is not designed for scanning photos; doing so may damage your originals. Microtek accepts no responsibility for damage that may arise from misuse of equipment. For instance, an image record can be kept of a multiple-page legal document, or image files can be kept of important documents such as birth certificates and tax records. Scanning for archiving also known as scanning to file is different from scanning for OCR, which is explained in the next section 1.

Place the material to be scanned on the Document Feed Tray. The material could consist of either a single sheet of paper or a stack of paper. Launch ScanWizard 5 in stand-alone mode or from your image-editing software. If you are not sure how to do this, refer to your ScanWizard documentation.

Specify your own scan settings by clicking on the Tool buttons in the Standard Control Panel; or by selecting the appropriate setup items from the Settings window in the Advanced Control Panel. Click and hold the Scan to button to start multiple, automatic scanning. After the scan, the scanned and processed image can be saved as a file, opened in an image-editing program, sent to print, attached to an e-mail, or uploaded to a website.

Before you use the ADF extensively, you may wish to use the preview feature Previewing can be useful to see if the physical mechanism in your ADF is working properly in conjunction with the ScanWizard 5 scanning software.

Previewing requires only the use of a single sheet of paper with some text or material on it. Once the paper-scanning mechanism is established and verified, you can then proceed to use the ADF extensively and with assurance.

To do the preview, follow the steps below: Click the Preview button to perform a preliminary view of the entire image. When done, a preview image appears in the preview window.

You are now ready to scan. Scanning for OCR 1. Place the documents to be scanned on the Document Feed Tray. Click and hold the Scan to button. When the options menu appears, select OCR. Save As dialog box appears, use the default Document file name, or key in your preferred file name and select the export file format. For example, assuming the document is saved as Sample, the first document will be Sample. The default language for OCR is English.

To change the language, select your preferred language from the OCR Language options menu. Click Save to start OCR scanning from the top sheet. The scanned document will be saved to your chosen folder.

If the check box Send document to application after saving is enabled, the saved file is automatically opened to your designated application for further editing. If the check box Save multiple pages as a single file is enabled, all pages of the originals are scanned before they are saved under a single file name. Take note that this will not work if the chosen output file format is PDF. The PDF file format can only be saved and assigned with individual file names for each page when you perform OCR scanning.

Open the feeder cover by lifting the two Earlobe Levers located on each side of the cover. With the cover fully opened, pull out the jammed document from the feeder by doing the following: Pull the paper in a forward direction if paper is jammed in the first stage paper feed rollers. If the paper is jammed in the second stage scanning rollers, you may pull it out in either direction forward or backward.

You can also open the transparent cover of the scan sensor area at the bottom of the feeder to pull out the jammed paper.

Earlobe Levers Maintenance Cleaning the Scan Sensor Cover The transparent cover of the scan sensor area at the bottom of the feeder needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain clear transparency for quality scanning. Use non- abrasive lint-free cloth to gently wipe both surfaces of the cover. To remove stains, use cotton swabs moistened with rubbing alcohol.

Cleaning the Rollers Prolonged use of the ADF may result in accumulation of ink and other residue on the feeder s rollers, affecting their efficiency. Check for residue on the rollers if paper flow through the rollers becomes erratic. Open the feeder cover periodically to clean the rollers with a lint-free cloth or a swab moistened with water.

Do not attempt to turn the roller while cleaning, as this may damage the train drive mechanism of the ADF After scanning approximatley 30, sheets through the ADF, the rubber pad may become worn out, and problems such as document double-feeds may occur. In this case, check the rubber pad and replace it with a new one if needed; two rubber pads are included in your scanner package for this purpose.

Follow the procedures below for replacing the rubber pad. Open the feeder cover by lifting the two Earlobe Levers on each side of the cover. With the cover fully opened, press the two arms of the rubber pad inward with your fingers to pull out the rubber pad. Insert and push the new rubber pad into the compartment until it snaps into place. Close the feeder cover.

Operating Environment 50 sheets of copy bond paper unfolded 16 to 24 lb. A6 mm x mm 4. Checking Your Firmware Version You can check the firmware version of your scanner through the ScanWizard 5 scanning software. Make sure your scanner is connected and turned on, then launch ScanWizard 5. A dialog box will appear showing the scanner type, model, firmware version, and status. View saved quotes Close. Login to quote this blog Login Close. Failed to save quote. Please try again later.

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Vantas 3000 Scanner Driver Download Windows 10

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In addition to the OneTouch scanning interface, Visioneer's award winning PaperPort software is also included. With PaperPort software, it is easy to start scanning right away. Not Designed for Windows XP. Minimum System Requirements, Pentium equivalent or higher processor. Windows XP Not Supported. World's most popular driver download site. One Touch USB scanner. Double-click on it after it has downloaded to install. This update is for use with PaperPort verison 5.

vantas 3000 scanner driver - driver downloads

Vantas 3000 Scanner Driver Download Windows 10

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