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Canon I560 Printer Driver Windows 7 Install Update

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by agarwaldvk, Nov 16, Nov 16, Messages: Hi Everybody This is first post on this forum - so please bear with me should I fail to follow all the coutsies! I have a home network setup with 4 computers - 3 working computers and the 4th serving as a file server.

I have connected a Canon i to one of the working computers running 32 bit Windows XP Professional for a specific reason. Installation this printer as a sharetd printer on this computer was no problem using the accompanying CD. I am able to install the driver for this printer 2 of the other computers running 32 bit Windows XP Professional and hence I am able to print on this printer from any of those printers. So far so good. The problem however is that when I try and install this printer on my new computer, it says that the driver is not compatible.

I search the net for a 64 bit driver, and I did find one for Vista its a zip file - 20mb and it unzips and installs the Canon Easy Photo Print utility but I cannot or do not know how to use this as the driver for this printer.

The concern is that if I am having difficutly finding a driver for Windows XP Professiona 64 bit for this printer, can I expect the same difficulty in finding a driver for Windows 7 Professiona 64 bit for this printer too?

Surprisingly, I am able to connect to my new computer an even older Canon LBP printer locally connected to my file server computer using its driver for Windows !!!!!!!! Could physical distance be an issue? Best regards Deepak Agarwal. Oct 17, Messages: Hi Deepak, welcome to the forums The x64 driver you found for Vista should work no problems with Windows 7 - although it won't work with Windows XP. Physical distance isn't a problem, you could connect to a printer on the other side of the world if a network was set up to allow this.

Ian, Nov 17, Hi Ian Good to know that it will work with Windows 7. But because its a zip file and I extract it in a particular folder and when I execute the setup file, it installs the Easy Photo Print utility. So how does this utility help for this printer to find the required driver.

What am I missing here? How do I tell it where to look for the driver when it asks me to search a particular location for the driver? Sorry, but I just don't get it how is this going to work? I think you are installing the software that comes with the printer in this case, rather than the driver itself.

As it happens, there are Windows 7 drivers already available for the printer on this page: Ian Thanks for your response. Yes, you are correct in that that the page pointed to apparently does contain printer drivers for the various OS.

However, how do these add-on modules. Are we supposed to execute these files into a particular folder and then point to this folder when we are asked to select the location where the driver can be found in the "Have Disk" part of the driver installaltion process? I can try what I have just explained above tonight but if you think I am on the wrong track, please advise. Jan 17, Messages: Jun 15, Messages: This thread seems to have ended without resolution.

I have a similar problem. My Windows 7 Home Premium laptop, wirelessly connected to an XP pc, will not print to a Canon i printer that is connected to the pc via a usb port. I dowloaded the specified "driver" from the Canon driver page, and installed it, but the problem persists. Interestingly enough, a Vista Home Basic laptop prints without any problems.

May 10, Messages: Please see my answer in your original thread. This poster may have given up or just as likely they got their answer and never came back to post it as solved. TrainableMan, Jun 15, See my reply to you in my original thread. I wish I knew what they found! Which thread are you talking about? Could you please post the link? Rumin - Which thread are you talking about? Whilst on Canon printers, does anyone know if there is a global driver for Canon LBP, a very old but good as gold pritner that I have that I can use to run with Windows 7, 64 bit edition?

Basically rumin downloaded what canon has offered as the 64bit driver and he said it is only an addon so I suggested he contact canon's tech support, here is his new thread..

TrainableMan, Jun 16, You may be interested in this link: Rumin, was there something at that link that solved your printer problem? All I see is a search engine to ask questions, and not really about printers, at that. TrainableMan, Jun 29, The gist of that posting was as follows: I've had it connected every way, still works.

When it's connected to 7, you have to have a log in As I said, pretty frustrating. I have found the solution to my problem. See the posting at the following: Dec 1, Messages: Canon LBP driver for Windows 7. JohnnyUK, Dec 1, I have no experience with the LBP Did you try the procedure that I posted on the following link http: I see no reason why it should not work for the Feb 5, Messages: Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question?

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Canon I560 Printer Driver Windows 7

Install Canon i560 printer

On my new 64bit Windows 7 machine, the printer installation program can't find a driver for the Canon i network mounted from an XP server. When I connect the printer locally via USB it installs fine. More about canon i driver windows bit Hey Jonckheere, are u using this one? For that it says: This software is a module that expands the functionality of the printer driver for Canon Inkjet printers. Your printer must be installed via Microsoft Update before you download and use this module. The problem is that the normal printer driver installation doesn't find the driver for the printer when installed as a network printer served by an XP machine.

64 bit driver for Canon i560 Printer

Canon I560 Printer Driver Windows 7

With just one click you can update the driver as well as the rest of the drivers in your system, such as:. United States - English. Canon Inkjet i Driver. Drivers found in our drivers database. The release date of the drivers: The Driver Update Tool — is a utility that contains more than 27 million official drivers for all hardware, including canon inkjet i driver. This utility was recognized by many users all over the world as a modern, convenient alternative to manual updating of the drivers and also received a high rating from known computer publications. The utility has been repeatedly tested and has shown excellent results. This tool will install you the latest drivers for all devices on your computer.

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    Canon i Printer Driver particular Canon i Desktop computer Picture Inkjet printer provides fast, professional-level performance for the home — or even home office.


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